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Whether you prefer to work with steel or wood, VOEN is providing everything you need to build a stable construction for your VOEN Covering System.

VOEN construction


The VOEN Steel Construction combines efficiency, flexibility, and stability, which makes this a very unique VOEN solution. Let’s take a look at the key components: 


VOEN ground anchor

Steel anchors drilled 60 cm into the ground are holding the steel poles in the right position. 

They are very quickly installed, and you can easily move the entire construction from field to field in case you cover vegetables or other annual crops

VOEN steel cable tensioner

VOEN Top Tensioners make it very simple to keep a good tension of your cables.

No need to open any cable clamps or work with heavy equipment when re-tensioning.  Just give the top tensioner a couple of extra turns and the job is done!

VOEN steel construction

The special layout of the perimeter of the field ensures maximum stability. In addition, it enables us to install a 100% rain, bird, and insect-proof covering solution. 

VOEN ground anchors

A partner at your side

VOEN covering systems are made

by farmers – for farmers.

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