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Growing at the VOEN home farm in southern Germany 

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VOEN farm

Since the mid-nineties, Reinhard Vöhringer, the founder of VOEN, has been a stone fruit grower! Today the VOEN home farm includes cherry, plum and apricot growing in the beautiful south of Germany.

As in the past 20 years we met with a lot of different growers and businesses, we set ourselves the goal to become a mix of fruit producers and some sort of small research station in which we are happy to grow and compare all sorts of systems! 


One of the biggest benefits of being both growers of fruit and producers of VOEN covering systems is the ability to try out every cover innovation by ourselves in our own orchards before commercial introduction! In that way, you as a customer can be sure that new developments are real improvements and will lead to a better experience, season after season!

Our goal is to be partners in the growing business; our farm doors are open for you – just give us a call beforehand! Also, have a look at your possibilities with the VOEN NETWORK and visit us at the next STONE FRUIT CONFERENCE! 

cherry blooming

A partner at your side

VOEN covering systems are made

by farmers – for farmers.

Learn more about our service, global network, and research studies.

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