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Protect your high-value fruit and vegetable crops with the unique VOEN Covering System. Proven by hundreds of satisfied growers worldwide, VOEN mitigates the risk of rain, hail, frost, and insects, enabling a stable production of high quality.



Imagine sitting under a tree full of leaves when a rain shower passes by in the middle of the Summer. You don’t get wet, and when the shower is over, the wind blows through the tree, drying up the leaves and letting any humidity evaporate.

The VOEN Covering System is built on the same principles. Flexible plastic flaps stitched to a hail net are creating a rain proof cover, as the weight of the rainwater keeps the flaps closed. In dry periods the flaps will open with the wind and facilitate natural ventilation under the cover. This creates an optimal micro-climate, giving healthier plants and better quality of the harvested product.

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The self-ventilating VOEN cover provides a unique solution for rain protection while maintaining an optimal climate for our cherry crop. The stable yield of high-quality cherries makes us an attractive supplier of early cherries for exports

Albert & Albert, Joalsan Fruits, Spain

VOEN protects your crops from

rain on leaf


Rain is strongly affecting the yield and quality of most high-value crops.

VOEN protects your crop!

VOEN insect and bird protection


The VOEN insect net provides you safety in terms of all pests that want to enter your orchard – VOEN protects your crop!

VOEN self venting cover


In most regions growers have problems with high temperatures and condensation under covers – not with the self-venting VOEN covering system!



Hail can destroy a promising crop within a few minutes - VOEN  is the system to include full protection!

VOEN AntiFrost heater


A rising number of frost events in critical periods made us introduce the ANTIFROSTVOEN – have a look at our sustainable heaters! 



Growing your crop in optimal microclimatic conditions significantly decreases the risk of bacterial & fungal diseases!

Product highlights

VOEN covers


The patented self-venting VOEN covers are a combination of netting and plastic flaps – this VOEN principle has been consistently staying on the market since our company was found – in 2002!

VOEN Zip and covers


The VOEN zip is a story of success for our clients all over the world.

The zip is bringing labor costs to a minimum, and is providing full bird and insect protection!

VOEN hibernation


A brand-new example of VOEN innovation – rising the pace and effectiveness of hibernating your covers even more! hibernate by a single drive through the orchard, as fast as never before!

VOEN clips


Enjoy the advantages of VOEN clips in both top and joining areas – with our joining- and top-clips! experience a true example of material being made by farmers – for farmers! 

VOEN construction


Anchors, poles, steel cables, tensioners, and a handful of small parts – that’s what it takes to build our structures!

Stable enough to withstand the winds of your region and as flexible as they have to be, there will be comfort and no sleepless nights when the next storm is brewing!

VOEN heater


Due to the horror of frost events it was clear to us that there has to be a convenient and affordable solution. with our heaters you work in a sustainable way – environmentally as well as financially!

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