The VOEN self-ventilating covers offer a unique combination of an optimal microclimate for the crop and a very high wind tolerance. Healthy plants, high-quality yield, and fewer worries are the ingredients of our global success for more than 15 years. 


The VOEN Cover consists of a special hail net with plastic flaps stitched to it. During rain, the weight of the water keeps the flaps closed. Once the sky clears up, the wind will lift the plastic flaps and provide natural ventilation under the cover, removing any accumulated humidity and heat

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The advantage is very clear: A cool and relatively dry climate with no risk of condensation. This is what our customers like because it provides the optimal microclimate for a healthy crop to produce a stable yield of high quality.


The fact that the VOEN covers are hanging like “valleys” in between each row, makes them very flexible. The power of the wind is absorbed by the covers, which are dazzling from side to side when a gentle breeze blows over the orchard. 

In case of a heavy storm, the movements of the covers are of course heavier. But the opening of the flaps and the flexibility of the layout means that you will find your covers in a good shape when the weather has calmed down. 


Single rows, terraces, steep slopes, or curved fields? VOEN will provide a solution! 
We are designing each covering project individually, depending on the circumstances in the field and the needs for the grower to work underneath the covers. The stitching of the flaps is done at our own factory, and there is hardly any limit to the flexibility of the layouts.



Stitching plastic strips to a nylon net might sound simple. It is not!
More than 15 years of constantly refining the production process have brought us to very high level of quality and reliability of supply. We are proud of our German roots, and our systematic approach to production planning and quality assurance is born from our local culture. 


Wide row spacing – Narrow row spacing I More ventilation – Less ventilation I Full insect protection - Zipper in the joining area - Multi-row covers - Frost protection - Big machines under the covers - Year-round covering - Water recollection - Dormancy induction - Shading - Hail protection

The sky is the limit – not the VOEN Covering System!

Please contact your local VOEN representative with your needs, and we will work together in developing the optimal covering solution.  

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