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By farmers – for farmers! VOEN means real comfort!

For us, it is not just about covering crops but about this mission of providing a product that gives us all more comfort in growing – fewer worries and calmer nights. 

The whole idea of VOEN Covering Systems came out of one simple circumstance: cracked cherries at our VOEN home farm in the early 2000s. 

From there the VOEN motto has evolved: to provide a safe, solid, and workable covering solution. 

As we are still growers we understand two things: the need to constantly improve and simplify parts of working processes – if it’s pruning trees, spraying, or working with our covering systems – and the necessity to have most uncertainties in the business under control: weather, diseases and working hours. 


A partner at your side

VOEN covering systems are made

by farmers – for farmers.

Learn more about our service, global network, and research studies.

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